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Really Interesting Objects CIC is updating the 1994 Scottish Arts Council survey of Scottish Indigenous Craft.

Really Interesting Objects CIC was funded by Creative Scotland to carry out new research to find out who is making Scottish indigenous craft and what is being made across Scotland.  The last survey was carried out by M Stuart in 1994-95 and led to the report Indigenous Crafts: Scotland’s Glorious Obsession


Although the work for Creative Scotland is now completed it became clear there are many more people making Scottish indigenous craft who have not yet completed our survey so we are continuing to gather information and promote it.


We are also keen to hear about new initiatives and projects which are in progress or have happened in any part of Scotland since 2000 involving Scottish indigenous crafts.


Really Interesting Objects CIC is a social enterprise committed to promoting the value of craft and developing a deeper understanding of the art form through creating imaginative new ways for people to experience, enjoy and engage with craft.


This initial work was part of a feasibility study for launching a Craft Biennale Scotland.

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